What it Costs to Import from China to Australia


If you want to start a business and import from China to Australia, you need to be financially prepared. There’s more to it than simply paying for the products you import. There are a lot of other costs involved you need to take into consideration.
Due to the many costs involved, you need to understand what a “landed cost” is. This is the cost of the item plus what it takes to get it to the warehouse you have waiting for it in Australia. If you want to run a profitable business, the “landed cost” is the cost you need to understand to appropriately price your products. You need to be able to price it with sufficient margins so you can have a good profit. Generally speaking, something you buy may cost 1 ½ times as much as you pay for it. For example if your items cost $US10, by the time it gets to you it may be $A15.
The main costs you need to prepare for are the container shipping costs, container cartage costs, insurance, GST, and duties.

Shipping containers — If you have a shipping container that is charged out by the freight company you choose, it will probably cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

Cartage costs — This is the cost of getting your product from the port to your warehouse. It can cost about $500-$550 per container.

Insurance — It is always better to be safe than sorry. Accidents happen sometimes during shipping when you import from China to Australia that can really set you back if you aren’t insured. Insurance to protect your shipment will usually cost you between 2% and 4% of the value of your shipment.

Taxes and duties — The government always has to have its share, so you have to prepare for taxes and duties. Together these can run you about 15% of the total value of your order.
As you can see, the cost of importing a product has increased the cost of the item considerably. Another thing you want to be sure and prepare for is currency fluctuations. Fluctuations in dollar values can change which will also cause your prices to be higher. Pricing your products with flexibility that allows for these fluctuations is necessary.
Knowing all the costs involved will help you calculate a price you will have to pay for the item you wish to import from China to Australia and help you see whether or not you will be able to compete in the market. If you see you can’t succeed in one product due to costs, perhaps you can start with a smaller product at first and build your business to where you can afford the other items in the future.


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