Website’s Live Chat feature

Question from one of our subscribers:

Now i want some real information about it.i got my website.its still not a main source of my income.but gradually improving.i have a plan where i pay about 35 usd with no live chat feature.next plan up is 65 usd which provides me live chat feature.
but as said website is still not even 10 percent of my total sales.but i have good design and continuously working on seo.
so my google rankings are improving and getting about 20-30 perday and when i do backlinking i get about 50 customers a day.and the conversion is very poor.so i am thinking why not upgrade the plan to 65 usd and chat live with customers that might help increasing conversion rate.and i also think its really gona improve with that feature.
what would you guys recommend.
And apart from that what strategies should i adopt to improve conversion rate.



First, congratulations on your website! Well, live chat systems could really increase your conversions. However, you still need traffic to your site so you could convert them into sales.

Hope this helps!


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