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“What a learning curve I have had in the past 3 weeks since meeting Peter and his team at BBI. I have gone from working at David Jones as a sales assistant, knowing little about success systems of marketing, to having a hunger to apply the knowledge I have gained in the coming months. Next week is BBI training camp and I can’t wait to advance my business beyond comprehension in the coming months. The experience so far has been invaluable and I still have a long way to go.”
Steve Mendl
“I have attended one of Peter’s seminars and it has changed my whole way of thinking as to how I can gain the life style I wish for myself and family.”
Lea Evans
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Import From China – Quick Start Guide Import From China – Quick Start Guide

I doubt anyone in the Australia, or even in the world for that matter, doesn’t have at least one item in their home that has the “made in China” label on it. Read More…

Basic Importing to Australia and NZ Basic Importing to Australia and NZ

Importing to Australia, generally, does not require a license. Read More…

Negotiating With Chinese Negotiating With Chinese

The Chinese way of life is very different from that of Western countries. Read More…

Drop Shipping Advantages and Disadvantages Drop Shipping Advantages and Disadvantages

When sourcing products, using a wholesale drop shipper is a commonly-used form. Read More…

Choosing What To Import From China Choosing What To Import From China

Sometimes, when you want to begin importing/exporting from China, you know what you want to import, but other times, you’re not sure. Read More…

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“50% increase in business is just the beginning… “Since purchasing Peter’s products and following his strategies, we have increased our newsletter subscribers, paying members, and affiliates by more than 50%! We’ve seen amazing results already — and we’ve only just started to implement his teachings! I STRONGLY recommend Peter’s products and services to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business!”
James Hatfield
“I would just like to recommend Peter’s book and marketing seminar. Prior to meeting Peter I had been working in my >business 70+ hours a week and not really making it any closer to my goals. He has shown me that I should be expecting real and immediate results from my marketing instead of simply sitting back and waiting for things to happen. This change in thinking has been a real ‘eureka moment’ for me.”
Brett Geoghegan
“I’ve learnt a lot from Peter in the past 2 years, he really knows how to explain something to the point without the confusion.”
Dee Pabari
“Hi Peter,
I have found your books and materials packed with ideas and am impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for helping businesses to grow”
John Highland
“Peter, the wealth of information you provide is incredibly well presented and super-easy to follow. The case histories and examples are a great help in the understanding and application of the principles; and In a nutshell Words cannot thank you enough for the outstanding information you provide. God Bless You Peter,”
kindest regards, Alan Mclean
“Peter, Thank you for your regular newsletters via email, they are packed with great tips & inspirational stories of success, I really appreciate them ! I have used your ideas to help set up a business plan , goals for the local Football club I’m involved with – www.wangrovers.com
Justin Kelly
“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
Not because of the prestige that it would give me, but because when I was at University a fellow student gave a presentation on “entrepreneurs” in which he said “entrepreneur’s think differently”. He was right, they do because the people I have meet in my life proves that the business people of today make some very fundamental mistakes. The knowledge gained from Peter makes me think like an entrepreneur and not like the business people that I meet.”
Rolf Pfotenhauer
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Teach you how to import from China with a proven Step by Step System of finding factories, negotiating & getting the cheapest price! Our training cuts years off your learning curve.

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