Staying Away from eBay?

Question from one of our subscribers:


Has anyone has positive experiences moving away from eBay/amazon to setup their own website?

Currently considering this as an option, however given the associated costs of operating an eCommerce site in terms of PPC & SEO wondering if sales could ever match or better what could be done on either of the 2 main markets given the number of potential customers.

Would really like to hear from people that have managed to do this successfully and find out whether the investment is worth it and if sales volumes could ever match listing on the larger market platforms. .


I don’t comprehend why individuals “need” to move far from ebay, unless your deals have become scarce. In the event that ebay, or whatever possible stage, is even now profiting then why would you ever need to close down an income stream unless you needed to? Start up a few sites yet keep all your fruitful income running in the meantime. I acknowledge ebay is really hard work on occasion however while it is still fiscally practical it doesn’t bode well to stop.


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