Starting an Online Boutique

Question from one of our subscribers:

I want to open up my very own online shop/boutique. Selling products on ebay and my very own website. I want to sell various things including makeup accessories t-shirts and expand to dresses at some point

I have a website set up using a free template from woo themes which I have added my own logo. I t does need work but to start I believe it will do. I have the social media accounts set up already too. My next move is stock.

I seem to draw a blank when looking for uk suppliers and manufacturers wholesalers…….

I need suppliers for t-shirts that will have my own designs on – words pics etc
I need uk accessory suppliers wholesalers and the same for makeup and beauty items

I know there are many suppliers in China namely Alibaba/Aliexpress but I really want to get hold of UK wholesellers so that I am not dependant on China. It seems to me harder to find uk suppliers than china.

I used to have an account with a big uk beauty wholesaler but my account has been closed due to lack of activity and you need to spend loads to qualify for min purchase.

Any help to improve my research or tips will be much appreciated.

One more thing. I am considering a start up loan to buy initial stock so I just need to work out how much money I need

I have one UK supplier for a branded eyelash range but they have told me that the price points that companies like boots buy sell may make it hard for me to sell competitively so I am ok with unbranded lashes I can stick my own brand name on too.

I am getting there slowly but surely x



Contingent upon where you are based, you could begin off with the wholesale range of London business street which is close to aldgate, most have little MOQ and you can see what you are purchasing direct, a lot of Chinese wholesalers in both regions, and for little amounts will work out less expensive than getting it from China. That will be your best place to begin, simply recall that everybody has admittance to this stock and a portion of the wholesalers will likewise offer online less expensive than you will have the capacity to, however you can even now make an edge in the event that you get the right items.


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