Starting a Business Using Wholesale Clothing from China


If you’re looking to start an online business or open a retail store to sell clothes, you can find a large quantity of good-quality, unique products in China. Since China has low production costs, you can make a good profit by importing wholesale clothing from China. Here are the steps you need to follow to begin the process:

Know import rules and regulations of your country — Rules vary in different countries, so you need to find out what the law says regarding importing clothing to your country. If you are in a country

Be aware of the costs involved — With any item imported, there are duties and taxes that have to be paid. Know what these are and prepare for them in advance.

Obtain licenses and permits — With any business, there will be licensing and/or permits involved. Find out what the rules are in your area and what licenses/permits you will need to begin to import wholesale clothing form China.

Find a good supplier — While suppliers can be found in many places, you want to find a good, reliable supplier. When you begin your search, make sure to research extensively. You want to investigate each supplier you consider, because there are fake suppliers out there. One good thing to check is that they have an actual physical address, and not just an email address. Also check for references to verify that they are a reliable supplier and have quality clothing. If you can afford to, visiting China is a great way to find a supplier. When beginning, you may want to try a few different suppliers and not commit to one until you find the one you feel gives you what you want.

Sometimes, you can find a supplier that has free shipping. If the quality of the product meets your needs, then finding one with free shipping can save you a lot of money.

Buy samples — Sometimes it is difficult to judge a product by looking at it online or in a catalog. Sizes also vary from country to country. If possible, purchasing samples will give you a better idea of what the company can offer you.

Look for prices and minimum quantity amounts — Prices vary in China just like everywhere else. What sells for $10 in one place may be $2 in another. Sometimes, however, minimum quantity amounts make it difficult to get the best prices. Be sure to check that to be sure if you can afford it.

Check out drop shipping — If you’re beginning an online business, drop shipping can save you a lot of money. It reduces overhead because you don’t have to store, sort, or ship your items. It also saves you employee costs. Your only costs are marketing and advertising. The supplier ships the product directly to your buyer for you.

Build a relationship with your supplier — Chinese business people do not just look at you as a customer. Their businesses revolve around building relationships. Taking the time to build a relationship with your supplier can go a long way. Ask them for their phone numbers and skype addresses so you can chat with them personally to discuss business needs. This also helps you avoid fake suppliers and scammers.

Prepare for storage — Know where you are going to store your goods when they arrive.If you are buying in large quantity, you may want to rent a warehouse or storage space for them.

Seek legal advice — If you plan to invest a lot of money, talking to a lawyer is recommended. A lawyer can help you prepare contracts and agreements you need to protect your investment.

Obtain insurance coverage — Importing can be a risky business. You should purchase insurance coverage to protect your business in case your goods are impounded, you are scammed, or for some other unforeseen problem.

Once you have followed these steps, you are ready to sell wholesale products from China and make a profit. If you have an online store, it is always good to ask for reviews. These will let you know what you can do to improve and help you have a better understand of your customer’s needs.


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