Simple Steps to Begin Importing in China


Since China’s economic development is rapidly growing, the prospects of new business ventures in the import/export trade have rapidly grown. As with any new business, getting started can often be the most difficult part. If you spend time preparing, however, you can begin importing from China in no time at all.

Importing from China is a rather simple process, however, it is also an exact one. It is imperative to follow all of the customs requirements. You can’t make any assumptions during the process. Evan a slight mistake can end up costing you. Before you begin, you want to be sure that you thoroughly understand all of the rules and regulations. It is important to follow the protocol of both countries involved in the process. Once you know the rules, here are a few simple steps that will help get you started:

1. Select a product and know it – It is best to start with items you are familiar with. You can add products later, but selecting the wrong one can be costly. Once you know which one you want to do, make sure you understand all that is required to manufacture/buy the product and begin importing it.

2. Research to find a distributor – You’ll want to find a reputable dealer that is trustworthy. In every country, however, there are those who are favorable to do business with and those who are not. If you have a good distributor, the process of importing from China will be easier.

3. Connect with a shipping agent – Shipping agents are skilled and familiar with the shipping process. Finding a good one will help make the process easier, and will save you a lot of time.

4. Prepare all the necessary paperwork – You may feel like you’re swimming in a sea of paperwork, but it is a necessary part of the import/export trade. Your shipping agent can help you make sure you have all the proper documentation and that it is correctly completed.

5. Know and prepare for the costs involved – These costs include customs duties, shipping costs and fees. If you are not able to pay any fee involved in the importation process, you can bring the entire process to a halt.

6. Don’t jump in over your head – You have to pay feels on top of the purchasing and shipping costs of the products you plan to sell. While you may think you can sell a huge quantity of the product you’ve selected, it is best to start small. This will give you an opportunity to test the product first and not possibly end up with a large quantity of unsold product.

7. Decide if you are going to sell yourself or use a reseller – You want to have your business plan in place before you receive your product. If you’re not going to sell yourself, you need to find a reseller and have the contract signed before the product arrives. If this is a business venture for you and you plan to sell the product yourself, make sure you complete all the proper licensing requirements and tax documentation for the business.

8. Locate and contact the service port of entry – Once you know where the port of entry is, contact them to see if there are any additional rules and regulations of that specific location. See if they have any special stipulations with regard to pick up and transportation

9. Make transportation arrangements – If it is a large product, there will be special needs in transporting it from point A to point B. Whatever the product is, you’ll need to know where you’re taking it and how you’re getting it there.
Once these steps are completed, you’re ready to begin importing from China. The more prepared you are before you begin the process, the better off you’ll be. Organization and preparation are keys to success.


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