Sea Freight

Question from one of our subscribers:

My wife and I are thinking of expanding our business by importing more products from China.
One Chinese supplier has offered free sea freight shipping (total shipment is around 150kg)
Up until now we have just used couriers, so it’s all a bit new for us.
I gather that this will mean the shipment will arrive at a UK port then I need to arrange everything else myself. (?)
Can anyone tell me what charges I can expect to pay for the UK side of things?
Or if I used the services of a company to receive the goods, handle customs etc and delivery, what kind of costs would be involved?


While transporting via airship cargo is speedier, international sea freight is less exorbitant and is the main sensible alternative for importing.

When you do your research, verify that any citation you’re given is completely separated so you can see precisely what administration is accommodating the charge you’re cited.

International sea freight expenses are constantly dependent upon two components: The cubic volume of merchandise to be transported and the separation from the starting port to the goal port.

These expenses will probably represent a rate of your aggregate evacuation expense, as there are various extra elements which may influence the general expense. You might additionally need to pay additional for insurance fees and any extra charges required at the destination, for example, customs inspection fees, import duty, or costs.


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