Royal Mail Issue

Question from one of our subscribers:

i am really irritated with the items getting lost and the amount of money i am having to refund customers.
apart from them negative feedback the problem becuase of this.
item are low cost so send them 1st class normal and they get lost.
i started sending them 1st class recorded but some of them get lost too.and when open a case with royal mail and it takes ages for their response.i receive their response after months and havent yet been refunded for any of them..
i dont know what to do.



The issue is what number do Royal Mail really detached and the amount arriving, however guaranteed as not arriving.

Bundling and so forth could have little influence (location marks falling off bundles/ smearing in the wet? inaccurate locations?) yet I can’t see it having the sort of effect between 10s or 100s of bundles being lost, unless we are simply exceptionally fortunate.


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