Proof of Postage

Question from one of our subscribers:

Hi guys,
I have an OBA account with Royal Mail and send approximately 10 signed for items per day with them.
My local post office got fed up of typing the addresses of my customers and giving me individual proof of postages and has started to give a “Bulk Proof of Postage” which consists of only the barcodes of the labels of my packages.
They will sign and stamp the posting book for me as well.

On a few occasions where a dispute was opened on Paypal, the individual proof of postage showing both the barcode and the address of the customer was enough for me to avoid any headaches and have the case resolved in my favour.

If a dispute was to happen now, I would only have the “Bulk proof of postage receipt”, so where would I stand with regards to an INR case or a dispute on Paypal?
Has anyone gone through this and is able to shed some light? 🙂



In the event that the tracking shows as conveyed then everything you need to give is the tracking number, isn’t it?

Would you be able to take a photograph of the book demonstrating the address details and scanner tag for ebay? In case I’m correct would it say it is the orange books? They have space to write the address details in, then the post office stamp ought to show they have affirmed that address matches the bundle.


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