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Here is what's included in this program
Importing Made Easy Audio Program (Online): This 5 Part Audio program features an exciting series of interviews with an insider ex-customs broker on various topics including finding hot products, selecting suppliers, shipping your goods and how to get the best rates, getting your goods through customs and much more! Also included are a BONUS workbook and product guides.
(Valued at $1,497.00)
Import Export Blueprint (Online): This extensive manual and video are aimed at beginner importers and reveal the essentials of importing from China and getting your goods to market. This 100+ page manual is the importing 'bible' for Peter's students.
(Valued at $397.00)
Mentorship Videos (Online): We have created step-by-step videos that show you exactly how to research hot products online, how to contact factories and weed out scammers, tricks to negotiating with Chinese factories, setting up an online store for less than $200 and much much more!
(Valued at $1,997.00)
Peter's Hot Product List (Online): Take the effort out of choosing hot products! Every month Peter will email his exclusive report on the 'product of the month' that's currently HOT and in-demand. This 'cheat sheet' will reveal to you search volumes, average sales price and price per unit, where to source it from in the world and then how to SELL the product! This report is a MUST HAVE for any importer.
(Valued at $997.00)
Importing Success Video Program (Online): A LIVE recording of 'Importing Success Two Day Bootcamp' in March 2013 will be recorded in HD and sent to you at no extra charge. Over 10 speakers are scheduled and flying in just for this event. This 'take home study course' will be yours on DVD for a lifetime to revisit again and again.
(Valued at $2,997.00)
Importing Success One Day Consultation: Spend one day with Peter Sun and Alex Ryan and learn the step-by-step formula to importing anything from China. You will discover how to find hot products, select factories, sample test, shipping your goods, marketing your products and much more!
(Valued at $4,997.00)
Access To Our Specialist Team: We have gathered some of Australia's leading freight forwarders, customs brokers, sea insurance experts, sourcing agents and more in a 'all in one' rolodex. Take the time and hassle out of finding reputable people to help you by using our own specialist team.
(Valued at $1,997.00)
Our 'Million dollar' Rolodex: Gain access to a HUGE rolodex of our contacts and resources which have helped in our business and our clients business. It has taken us over 15 years and much trial and error to put together such as large list of contacts for you. Includes graphic designers, outsourced staff, website experts, adword professionals and much more
(Value is PRICELESS)
SIX (6) x 1 Hour Consults With Peter and/or Alex Ryan valid for 12 months: Chat with Peter and/or Alex as they help you on-on-one with your marketing plans, growth strategy and more please book your strategy session fast and places fill up.
(Valued at $9997)
Exclusive Cocktail & Pool Party: Join Peter on the Gold Coast at his home for a special cocktail night. This not to be missed event is held once a year in December at Peter's residence enjoy hor deouves and cocktails and network with other platinum members.
TWELVE (12) x 1 Hour Consults With Peter and/or Alex Ryan valid for 24 months: Chat with Peter and/or Alex as they help you on-on-one with your marketing plans, growth strategy and more please book your strategy session fast and places fill up.
(Valued at $10,000)
Extensive One-on-One Business Audit
• Are you spending too much money on advertising?
• Does your website suck?

Let Peter, Alex and their team help you identify your weaknesses and strengths including:

1. Analysis of your competition and their marketing strategies
2. We analyze your OFFLINE marketing
3. We analyze your ONLINE marketing
4. Your website analysis and breakdown with improvements
5. Strategies for increasing your conversions
6. Strategies for increasing your traffic
7. Strategies for increasing your profits
8. Much much more!
(Valued at $2997)
Total (If Paid In Full) $1,997 $3,997 $5,997
Part payment options 5 easy payments of $499 10 easy payments of $449 10 easy payments of $599

Before Anything…I Got You Covered With My Uber-Confident…

'GIANT BALLS' No Risk Guarantee!

Implement what I teach you, use the mastermind coaching, ask questions, attend the live calls, participate and most importantly take action (with my 1 on 1 support). And if you don’t achieve your personal goals I will give you DOUBLE your money back.


Here's The Only Importing & Marketing Mentorship
That's Truly Serving And Results Oriented...

  • LIFETIME Access To My LIVE Coaching Mastermind!

    Inside this mastermind you'll have direct access to me and I will PERSONALLY be there to answer ALL of your questions, deliver action steps and provide the strategy for you to succeed at your personal projects. We also have over 170 training videos on everything from importing products, hot product selection, marketing, websites, traffic and more!

  • The Marketing & Import Accountability Partner

    I created this program for a reason, right? It wasn't just abecause of my handsome face. It's because I get down and dirty doing this marketing & importing stuff and I always serve first and sell second. Well, now you'll have me training you, encouraging you and pushing you until you succeed, even if I have to die during this fight.

  • Mastermind LIVE Calls And Breakthrough Importing Training

    Our best selling LIVE importing conference for my mastermind members will open your mind to the money and the 'know how' on building a passive import business. We have these LIVE trainings regularly speak to a member of our team for dates & location.

    Bonus Weekly Calls: This is a phone call every Monday night, meaning, instant communication and instant support. Not to mention you'll be witness to everything I help others with!

  • 0 - $100,000 in Sales in 56 days

    I'll share with you my blueprint on how I went from $0 to $107,524 in 56 days. Plus, I'll be there guiding you and supporting you so that you can do this too. My book reveals this and more (this is sent out to you)

  • Become A Traffic God (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Display Network + Adwords & Media Buys)

    At our live training & online mentorship we're going to tackle all available traffic venues. I am going to personally crack every single paid traffic code,and show you the exact blueprint for you to do it too. After this, you'll be in full control of all the traffic on the Internet and you'll be a true limitless marketer.

  • Build A List Of 10,000 Leads In Any Niche

    We're going to show you how to build a list of 10,000 leads in any niche. The money is in the list, right? Well, if you are in my mastermind, I will hand you the step-by-step ' execution plan for you to do it too.

  • Set Up A Profitable E-Commerce In One Weekend

    Here we'll collectively set up an e-Commerce store for each of us and make it profitable and one single weekend. Of course Will outsource the entire hard work and reap the profits.

  • How To Choose Your Product In ANY NICHE And Sell These Products FAST

    I'll show you exactly and step-by-step how to create or choose your first product in ANY NICHE and sell these fast without any JVs, any list and without even being an expert in the field.

  • Now It's Time To Commit...

    Being a member of my mastermind, you're going to be coached, supported, trained and LEAD by myself for 12 months! You're going to also get LIFETIME access to ALL my videos, past seminars & training and ALL future updates and new material I add. You're not only buying the best importing & marketing Course that has ever been created, but also are you going to be part of something bigger than any product there is out there. You'll be part of a strongly knit community that drives towards success at FULL SPEED and will drag you with them if it ever needs to be.

    You won't be left behind and you are not alone. You'll be surrounded by successful students of mine who are already part of the mastermind and you'll build rock solid friendships with the most positive and success oriented people you'll ever meet. It's time to commit.

    Success is waiting!

    If you're committed to me as I am to you (you're seeing what I am offering and with what confidence I do it because it works) and you're 100% determined to succeed and take massive action on my strategies and guidance, then I want you on board!


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