Pre-owned Online Store

question from one of our subscribers:

Hi all.

Just a quick one really and hoping for your opinions really.

I wondered if there was money in buying and selling in the used/pre owned market.

I’m thinking of getting into it. But it’s an area that is known not to have a good profit margin. But should stand to do better on the online sort of things.

Sort of like your enviro phone sort of set up but would be selling back through my own channels.

I’m not really sure where to start my research in this area. Things I would have to consider are buying price and postage.



Contingent upon business, source and outlets pre-owned/ utilized/ renovated can really hold a finer margin than new, that said it’s really overall secured on the most prevalent items, that is not to say there’s not a path. However, it could take a while to get made.

Hope this helps!


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