No Response from eBay Management?

Question from one of our subscribers:

I sell several personalised items. Half my time is spend contacting customers who do not supply personalisation details when the listings states very clearly the process and 95% of customers can do it properly.

I have about 5 customers at the moment who are no responsive ot ebay messages. All have received 2 messages in last week. I then took the original payal emails and sent a direct email. Now I have had 1 bounce back saying delivery to recipient has failed, so quite clearly their email connected to ebay does not work. There is no phone number or anything?

How can ebay expect customer and seller to communicate when the email connected doesn’t even work which then leads in cases to a neg or low DRS on communication. I really don’t want to waste my time calling ebay for this customer.



I think it would really be a waste of time sending them thousands of messages. Maybe you should really opt to call them instead, to talk to them directly. Live chat can also be an option, so you can be sure that your concerns are handled right away.


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