New Product – Where to go from there?

Question from one of our subscribers:

In my hunt for a product that would mix well with some other I have I cane across one that, in theory, should sell by the bucket load- the odd thing is that no one else seems to be selling it or anything like it.

So I’ve either got a product that is going to sell like hot cakes all be it low Value ones- or a product no one wants. I can’t see any evidence of any failed listings however in a variety of search attempts so…. Where do I go from here? Buy a few and see what happens?



As a rule it’s much harder and less secure to make a business than to take advantage of an effectively existing one. What is your confirmation that it will offer by the container load if noone else is offering it? I would purchase a couple of items and see what happens yes, that is much preferred method for doing it over purchasing loads and discovering no one needs it.


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