Multi-channel Software

Question from one of our subscribers:

I’m currently looking for multi channel software which can do the following across a website, ebay, and amazon:

* Stock syncing – coordinating my inventory across all of my channels, so that when a product sells on one channel, all other channels are updated to show the change in available stock level.
* Listing – when I list a new product, I only enter the information once and then sync it to all channels.
* Stock control management – a record of total stock levels, product skus and barcodes for each product.

I currently have ebay and amazon shops and will be looking in to opening a website in the future. At the moment I’m having to divide my stock between each shop which can be confusing when it is products with different variations. At the moment all of my product data and stock levels are kept in a spreadsheet which I have to update manually at the end of the day. Multi channel software should make this whole process easier for me.

If you have any experience with any multi channel software, I’d love to hear what you thought of them. What did you think of the software, the customer service, and the price?



I’d suggest Linnworks – relying upon the quantity of items you have and whether you can live with the hourly sync, you can try the free Express form and perceive how you get on with it. Personally I think that while it is a bit of a learning bend, you do get accustomed to it.


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