Meeting the MOQ?

Question from one of our subscribers:


I would like to start a business buying and selling from wholesale, and my niche is branded high street fashion.
I have my eyes on certain brands, but they tend to set a M.O.Q, and since I do not have enough storage I was wondering if there is a way where I can store them elsewhere. If deliveries have to be sent to me, then is there a way where I can have them divided into several batches, as opposed to a massive one. I would imagine that the M.O.Q is a set requirement for anyone who does business, regardless of them being at the very beginning of the process.

I suppose a lot of my worries comes down to he fact that I have never approached a wholesaler before so I am not 100% certain of what to expect.

Advanced ‘thank you’ to those who take the time to deal with my query.



As much as possible, wholesalers will generally try to accommodate you, most of the time. Ask them if you can store some of your orders with them – but also include the charge, as well. Do not be afraid to talk to your wholesaler and ask for any help!


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