Making the Contract with the Supplier

Question from one of ours subscribers:

Right Ive been dealing with this supplier for a while but have just decided to make sure I have product liability insurance with their products

The guy I deal with has always been quite awkward (im currently in process of finding a new supplier) but he says that although they agree to taking full responsibility and liability for the products he has never heard of such agreements and has never had to prove this with other customers

Now I think this means it will be who writes up some sort of contract

My question are:

1) Is this normal for the customers to make the contract?

2) How do i go about making the contract? is there any resources anywhere to help me? Do I have to included certain phrases, terms etc? I really want to make it look good for my insurer

3) With the supplier having this sort of mindset do you think that they would somehow get out of accepting liability even if they did sign the contract

I really know very little about the legal side of importing/retail so any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance




Does your insurance company know that this supplier you are talking about is based in China? My understanding of “right to recourse” means that the insurer can go after your supplier to recoup any money, which of course they wouldn’t have a hope in hell of doing in this case.

Ask your insurance agent for what they want to see in contract and maybe they can give you a sample.


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