Is it okay to start small in business?

Question from one of our subscribers:

First i will start by telling that, I’m finishing masters degree in electronics and computer engineering, i know basic about electronics, programming etc from classes. By myself i know how to repair some problems with smartphones, replace broken pieces. Software related i know how to change roms, program roms, build basic apps etc.

I want to start small and grow, buying and reselling smartphones with support from me to my possible costumers.
Selling hand to hand/ship to same country as me(Portugal) and spreading work mouth to mouth, facebook, twitter, youtube unboxing and review by me also , then who knows.

This is going to me my passion/hobby/part-time, i don’t have much to invest.

I’m here looking for help related with buying, who to buy actually. Talking about Chinese brands possible, they are cheaper to start.

Sorry for any gramatic error/related.



Hi A!

Well, first, great idea to invest in your hobby. You would definitely enjoy the work since you love what you are doing.

You should really start small and take it from there. I suggest you also take a look in selling tablets, as well, since they are a hit now. Hope this helps!


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