Importing Fees

Question from one of our subscribers:

Item was sold via eBay, buyer had admitted to wearing the item for 14 days before opening an eBay dispite saying the item was defective. They provided doctored pictures to eBay, eBay allowed them to return it, etc..

My problem:
The buyer is from the US they did not mark the item as returned goods. Also the value was £120 they marked the value as $1500! And Parcelforce are trying to tax accordingly.

This is an eBay case, if I refuse to pay the goods will be returned to the buyer who will also get a refund from eBay.
If I pay can I appeal and get the money back from Parcelforce?



Simply prompt Parcelforce that these are British Returned merchandise & give them ‘proof of export’ (whatever you have). British returned products have no Duty or VAT payable on re-import.


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