Import/Export–A Global Business

Import/Export--A Global BusinessBusinesses exist on a world-wide scale.  A large number of these businesses operate within their own cities, towns, states, or country.  A global business may not literally do business in every country.  Its products and services, however, may be sold to customers throughout the world.   There are limitations that keep companies from entering certain markets like political, social and economic limitations, but there are also great benefits.

It used to be that business growth meant companies would grow from one-location businesses to chains or large corporations.  Now, more and more companies are involved in international trade.  The import/export business has truly become a global business.  Here are a few types of businesses:

  • Multinational Corporations
    These corporations operate in more than two countries. world image by Clark Duffy from Fotolia.com The phrase “multinational corporation” has become a synonym for world-wide or global business.  A global transaction occurs across country borders.  The business transactions must take place in as little as two countries, but there is no limit as to how many nations are involved.  Individuals, companies, or organizations can all do transactions of this type.  
  • Trading Companies
    As early as the 16th century, East Indies trading companies transported spices from the other side of the world.  spice image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.comThese were the first global firms. They went looking for spices and other merchandise items which were highly prized by the Europeans. 
  • Oil Companies
    In the 19th century, John D. Rockefeller created the first oil company.  Then, global businesses concentrated on commodities such as oil.  From the late-19th century current times, oil companies have been among the largest global businesses in the entire world. oil well image by michael langley from Fotolia.com
  • Internet Companies
    The Internet has allowed small businesses to join the world of international trade. internet image by peter Hires Images from Fotolia.com  Online, it may be difficult or even impossible to tell whether you are dealing with an individually owned company or a large multinational corporation.  Over the past few decades, technology has changed drastically and has resulted in new ways of operating a business.  Today, even very small businesses can now do business transactions about anywhere in the world.
  • Examples of Global Businesses—Fortune 500 List
    Many global businesses, like WalMart, are practically now house hold names.  Walmart was listed in the Fortune 500 Global list of the world’s largest corporations as number one in 2010.  Oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, and BP follow close behind.  Toyota Motors is also high on the list.   Unfamiliar to Americans, Japan Post Holdings, dealing in mail delivery, banking, and insurance; Sinopec, a large Chinese refining and gas company; China’s State Grid, a power grid builder and operator; AXA, a French insurance company and China National Petroleum are also on the list.

Having commerce across borders contributes to a country’s economic strength and prosperity.  Today, however, Global business is no longer only for large corporations.  If you want to become involved in international business, it only takes a little research and a few clicks of the mouse to find out how.


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