Import from China to Australia

Import from China to AustraliaThere are a few ways to start importing from china into Australia. The first step is ultimately to find your product that you plan on importing. Will it be electronics, bikes, baby clothing, fashion or footwear? The lists are endless however as this is a critical part of the importing formula you must figure this out now.

Here are some simple ways to import from china into Australia.

  1. Find hot products
  2. Locate factories
  3. Negotiate with factories
  4. Sample test from a few different factories
  5. Hire an inspection team to inspect the factory
  6. Use a freight forwarder to ship your goods from china into Australia.
  7. Market the product

Now I’m simplifying a lot of the import from china to Australia process here but I’m sure you get the idea that there are certain elements which need to be actioned on.

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