How to Weigh your MailBags

Question from one of our subscribers:

Hi all,

This is going to sound like a really stupid question but I’m going to ask it anyway.

What do you use to weigh your mail bags when working out your average?

I am struggling to find something suitable.. The stuff I sell is on the whole is very light (10-20g per package)

I purchased some luggage scales thinking they would do the trick but the mail was so light it did not even register on them (there were 60 in the bag), bathroom scales will have the same problem as they typically go up in 200g increments so I thought kitchen scales would do the job as they go up in 1g increments, unfortunately kitchen scales are far too small in size to be able to put a bag on top of them and I don’t fancy weighing them seperately.

Short of this, does it really matter how accurate you are with the average weights on the OBA? They are all in the 0-100g band of postage so I don’t see why it matters if I put the average in as 10g or 50g.



Get a cardboard box that adjusts alright on the kitchen scales. Zero the scales with box on and after that, top that off with your things before exchanging them to the sacks.

Hope this helps!


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