How to Find Quality Clothing Manufacturers in China


Solid manufacturing is necessary before you can begin promoting and selling your product. You want to be sure the buyer gets what they pay for. You also need to know cost of production before you can know what to sell it for. Here are a few steps you should follow when looking for quality clothing manufacturers in China:

Know what you’re making – Before you look for a manufacturer, you need to know where to look. Only bother researching those manufacturers that specialize in your type of item.

Research manufacturers – It’s easy to find manufacturers online, but you want to find a quality one. Do online searches, search in trade magazines, or attend tradeshows. Narrow the list down to a few and then ask around. You can speak to suppliers and other contacts to get recommendations.

Interview manufacturers – Make a shortlist of potential factories from your research and begin interviewing them. Manufacturers can be difficult to work with, and good ones are priceless! Approach them with the frame of mind that you are a good company and you would like for them to work with you. Here are a few things to ask:

1. Are you taking new customers?
2. What type of products do you produce?
3. Which brands do you work for?
4. What are the average prices? (Tell them what you are making and they can give you a good indication of the price range)
5. Which services do you provide? (patterns, grading, samples, packaging, fabric sourcing, etc.)
6. What are your minimums?
7. Are you scalable? (You may need only 100 pieces to start, but get an order for 1,000)

Send drawings to the potential manufacturer – Once you think you’ve found a manufacturer, send them drawing, technical sheets, fabric swatches, any research you’ve done, and whatever else you may have to help them understand your product. Ask them to look at the material you send and let you know if they think they can make it. Make sure you tell them the quantities and give them a rough, reasonable price point.

Tell them your time line – Check your calendar and let them know your production schedule. If you don’t know quantities, give them estimates and see if they can work on that time frame. Their schedule may be booked.

Ask for a sample and have them let you know the cost – Send them a pattern, fabric, and a sample (if available) and have them create a prototype. This will let you check their quality and allow them to properly price it. If you need changes made on it, have them produce another one. You want to make sure it is exactly what you want.

Negotiate the terms – If you like the sample and decide this is the factory you want, negotiate prices and terms. When you are just starting, you may have little negotiating power. In the future, you will be able to get the terms and prices you want. Make sure to reserve the time and get it in writing.

Order your sample collection – This will be the sample you show to buyers.
Your business is off to a running start. Evaluate the manufacturer as you go. If you’re not happy with the manufacturer, you can be on the lookout for a new one. There are many clothing manufacturers in China to choose from. Keep looking until you find the one that is right for you.


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