How to Authenticate Wholesalers

Question from one of our subscribers:


Beware and be patient – Newbie!

With my small little business, I’ve been able to source stock from a few local suppliers and do fairly well with it. I’ll try to continue with it but as I cannot guarantee a contract of stock, it is vulnerable to ups and downs of availability. So my next step, develop new stock ideas and of course source the stock!

So far, my logic is, I like quality items – branded, well known items. If I am not making what I sell, then I want to align my business with items of quality I feel I can trust in and that my buyers are less likely to return or find that I, as the seller, cannot be trusted for their future purchases.

As I mentioned, right now I am able to go right to my source – so I know it is real and I know it is good. If I find another source of different items I’d like to sell, I am not sure how to authenticate the seller or the stock. I am not sure if there are things like reviews for wholesalers? As I am quite likely seeking branded items, then I don’t want to end up with fake, poorly made items or a lot of the pitfalls that come to those who are new to the game.



Hi Ginny!

I’m perplexed there is no genuine alternate way into verifying that a supplier stocks true or not. Check if an organization is lawfully enlisted by the administration. Continuously request examples. On the off chance that you could travel and visit their office/distribution center, all the better to check the stocks being sold direct. Incline toward installment strategies that provides for you better backing in raising question (Paypal). All the most vital, request evidence of product authenticity (particularly for clothes).

Good luck!


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