First time to import from China

Question from one of our subscribers:


Firstly, I was going to use a courier but when I got a proforma from supplier saying FOB Ningbo, I decided to use a forwarder. The supplier, quite rightly, was under the impression that I was using courier and so charged me a substantial fee for hauling the goods to the port!

The quote from the forwarder was good so I agreed to go ahead with shipment to their warehouse in Liverpool (near me) and to collect the goods myself. The other option would have been to Felixtowe and pay around £100 haulage.
I now have a Bill of Lading which states Felixstowe as place of discharge!

The forwarder says that was the only way of doing it but can arrange delivery from Felixtowe to my door.

I feel like I’m in a difficult position because the forwarder has my goods. The same was true with my supplier after paying them %100 deposit.

Should I have payed the extra to the supplier?

Should I arrange my own haulage from Felixtowe at my own cost and so pay more than quoted for shipment?

Any advice would be much appreciated.




Hi Paul!

Just want to ask the weight and cube of this shipment you are talking about.

If you are purchasing this in FOB terms, this means all costs even loading in vessels are included in China. They should not be charging you anything more.

Hope this helps!


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