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Question from one of our subscribers:

I have read loads of threads, googled the life out of it and I’m just confused. I wondered if anyone would take pity on me and just point me in the right direction???

I am wanting to create my own online shop. I’ve started trading on ebay to test the water with the sort of products I want to be selling and now I want to sell on my own website so I don’t have to rely on ebay and hopefully move away from it eventually. The more I read about my options, the more confused I am. 🙁 I don’t have a very big budget so it will be all done by myself and so I need something fairly easy to set up and I’ll probably have to buy a template. The products I will be selling are hair fascinators, bridal hair accessories and jewellery. Some of these will have colour options so I need to be able to do that.

Can I do this on opencart? or is there an easier platform? I see a lot of people favour opencart and I have used it once before. The website I created wasn’t great but for a first attempt wasn’t bad, just no one found it. Yep, I need to work on that bit. 😉

Any advise would be greatly received. I am honestly just going round in circles and not making any decisions. It just has to be fairly low cost at this point.




I figure Opencart obviously does best, there’s completely 1000’s of layouts to strike new and add-ons you are getting, for example, SEO extensions.
Hope this somewhat helped!


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