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Question from one of our subscribers:

We’ll soon be offering, as a business opportunity, the chance to become retailers of our product. This is quite a bulky product and so is location sensitive but I want the retailers to have a web presence as I still think most of the sales will be made online. There will only be around 4 products to start with, this may rise to about 12 eventually.

I’d like to design the site and then simply clone it for each retailer on a different domain and with their own paypal and location details etc. I want to maintain ownership and control of the sites so that, if a retailer stops buying from us, they will no longer be able to use the site, branding etc.

I don’t know much about ecommerce and what’s available. I’ve looked at the free sites but I get the feeling there’s a simpler and more elegant solution for our needs. Opencart would probably be ok.

Ideally I’d like this to be cheap enough for me to offer to our agents for free but there’s the possibility of charging a monthly fee for the web presence as long as it wasn’t much.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




I would day that OpenCart do not allow different payments. All customer information and others, are available for everyone to see. Virtually speaking, all “multi-store” payments go to a single account. Try looking for “mall” scripts.

Hope this helps!


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