eBay – zero quantity

Question from one of our subscribers:


Not sure if i’m making this up, as I can’t find it anywhere now, but i’m sure I saw on the new eBay updates that you can change the quantities of eBay items to 0 rather than end and just have them showing as out of stock?
We sell coat racks and the only person with the skill set to make them to the right quality is away on holiday for a week from Saturday. Stock piling doesn’t really work as it takes up a lot of space and we tend to make them upon order and get a lot of people asking for adjustments.
I might have made the whole thing up but i’m sure I saw something in the update!



You are not dreaming about it. As far as I know, it’s a new eBay feature where you can mark the item as “Out of Stock” instead of “0”. Though, you can only set it via eBay API.


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