eBay Manipulating the System?

Question from one of our subscribers:

I have noticed that ebay actually are manipulating their system so its difficult for other sellers to looks for popular products.i sell good amount of items daily and they have pushed me back on 2-3 page.strange thing is that my sales have not been effected actually now a days i am seeing better sales.the items on the first page of my category are not even making good sales.and most of them on first page are 1 pound stuff.
I cant say with surety but i suppose they are trying to manipulate the system so they can safe guard the sellers.
This is Just an opinion based on what i noticed.



I think it really depends on the way you do your listings.
Most first page listings will be from Top Rated Sellers (TRS);
Most first page listings will offer FREE shipping and Premium Service;
Most first page listings will have an extensive sales history;
Most first page listings will have the BEST price for that particular item.

Good luck!


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