eBay logic?

Question from one of our subscribers:

Sales for my eBay sellers account dropped off a cliff some months back now, I have another account purely for buying on eBay, I decided to list 1 of my items on the buyers account, exact copied listing and price of my sellers account items as an experiment.

BASIC Buyer account with a few hundred feedback VERSES my sellers account, TRS, eBay premium service, 99.9% positive, 25000+ feedback, with 11 years history.

Results so far item on sellers account 1 sale in 1 month, same item on buyers account 3 sales in 24hrs.

Anyone care to explain why this might be?

Also as a plus it was FREE to list on the buyers account and not the seller account, so much for having a featured shop on fleabay

I’m coming to the conclusion that my seller account on eBay is broken, or are they just taking the michael out me. LOL


They do support all new postings for 24hrs to check whether they offer well and after that, your positioning is mapped out from that point. On the off chance that your other posting is old, then it will be somehow done the results for best match presumably.


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