eBay Issue

Question from one of our subscribers:


I’ve had an email today saying that 2 of my listings have been removed as the picture was allegedly stolen from someone else.

I received a message from the only other seller of the item saying I stole their picture yesterday, I did not steal their image it is a supplier provided image which they are clearly trying to pass off as their own to the point where yesterday they amended their listing with a watermarked version, they placed the watermark just above where I had cut the picture down to so that it appears as though I’ve cut their watermark off which is just not the case.

I still have the original, unmarked supplier image saved on my computer showing that where they have placed that watermark it was never present before so it is really frustrating that they’ve done this.

Am I right in thinking that eBay will not be interested in listening to any of this though? This is really annoying that they’ve set me up like this as i’ve now lost my sales history.



You should call eBay and explain to avoid this happening again but we are pretty sure they would not re-instate your history. Nevertheless, contact their customer support to clear the issue out.


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