eBay Holiday Break setting

Question from one of our subscribers:

I used holiday settings last year for 3 days and came back to lots of orders which was great.
This year im planning a 14 day break and wanted to know is it a good idea to do the same as do all customers actually read the part about your item wont be shipped till a certain date but they can still order while im away etc,

It was simple last year while i was away but did get the odd few who contacted me asking me were their order is, so when i got back i did have to explain to a few about the holiday settings,

I guess im just worrying about low dsrs and bad feedback if not clearly stated,
I really cannot remember how it worked last time i put these settings on.

Anyone with experience in this i would like to hear about it please.



If you’re not available, you shouldn’t really accept orders until you’re back from holidays. 🙂


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