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Question from one of our subscribers:

On 30/03, i had a customer buy a pair of jeans from me. These are particularly popular ones (i’ve sold about 50 pairs in the last 2 months). Today, i received a message from him claiming that the jeans are defective, irregulars and have not passed quality control because the pockets are always popping out and that he ‘would like to sort this problem out somehow’.

I checked with track and trace and discovered that they were only delivered today. So by ‘always popping out’ he means the 4 hours that he’s had them. Having sold a lot of these jeans (without a single complaint) i contacted ebay support and asked their advice on how to proceed. They instructed me to contact the buyer and inform him that the jeans are not defective and that he would need to open a case to resolve the matter. I was quite surprised that the lady from ebay was so specific in her instructing me to inform the buyer that the jeans are not defective. For all anyone knows, that particular pair could be!

I then contacted the buyer and informed him that i had spoken to ebay support and told him what they had said. I received another mail back, threatening negative feedback and ‘going to the authorities’, so i again contacted ebay support. They instructed me to repeat the previous advice; The item is not defective and he will need to open a case.

I checked the buyers feedback. He has a total of 7 feedback as a buyer, but his feedback left for others indicates that he has tried this stunt before as most of them refer to customer service matters.

I believe that the customer is trying it on in order to get money off. But i’d appreciate any thoughts on why ebay would be so specific in their instructions. I’m thinking that this is not the first enquiry they’ve had regarding this buyer and that it’s possibly a regular thing.



This situation occurs mostly to most eBay sellers. Just follow what the eBay support person has told you. Do you have any other negative feedbacks if ever this customer made you one? The purpose of the buyer opening the case is for eBay management to decide on this matter. If they saw that the buyer’s account has the same feedbacks to other sellers, and you have no situations before that were the same with this, then the odds are in your favor.

Hope this helps!


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