ebay Catalogue Returns

Question from one of our subscribers:

I am in the process of setting up to sell catalogue returns on e-bay. As they are customer returns does that mean I would have to list them as used? is there any law/rule enforcing this if so. I was going to list them as new if there was no damage to the boxes/items and looked like new.

I have also been reading on forums related to this, people very disgruntled and giving up on selling refurbished stock, is it a bad line to get into? Mainly I want to use this as a test platform to see what sells well then find new stock instead so eventually move over to new stock full time.

If anyone with experience with this sort of thing can offer advice I would be grateful.



Hi Brian!

Good question. Fundamentally, if the thing is still boxed/ bundled, & unused, it might be sold as new, other than that, it must be sold rightly labeled.

Hope this helps!


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