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Question from one of our subscribers:


I’ve just sold an item on ebay and the buyer has asked me to send to a different address to that on paypal or ebay. I have told the buyer I cannot do this (as per my terms) and that she needs to put her new address into paypal.

Firstly is this the right approach? and secondly how do I go about updating the sale so that (if she does add the address) I can send to the updated one. Is there a simple process for this or would I have to refund and she then buys again.

Also she is in student accommodation, should I be concerned?

Many thanks.



Ask her to add the address to her paypal details, and send a cancellation request for the first purchase, after you have refunded.
Ask her to buy again, using the new address details, and send by recorded delivery, unless it’s a low price item. Usually they want things sent to their home address, and once she adds this to her ebay and paypal details, she can use either address in future.
If you explain this to her, she’ll probably be ok about it.


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