Door-to-door Delivery from China

Question from one of our subscribers:


I am in the process of ordering some toy items from a supplier in China, and they have given me a quote for delivery and I am enquiring as to whether this is about right or whether I should steer clear?

I have been in touch with a few UK freight forwarding companies as well, awaiting quotes now, but the supplier has given me a quote via UPS Air, and said would be with me, to my door, within a week (not including production time).

My order is a total of 12 boxes – 61x45x31cm and 13kg/each, and 1 box – 25x20x15cm and 3kg.

I have been quoted $800 for the delivery, and they say the only other charge I would incur is duty and VAT, which I was already aware of. Does this quote seem about right, or it is too good to be true?

If this is correct, at what point do I get in touch with HMRC to declare the items, they are toy items, so have 0% duty, but the usual 20% VAT, and how do I pay them?

Are there any pitfalls I should watch out for when dealing with companies in China?




Price seems to be cheaper for airfreight, but it does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with that. You should just ensure/double check with them that this covers delivery to your door.

Additional info: If goods are for your own personal use, no need for an EORI. If they are for your own business or to be re-sold, you should apply for an EORI. No need to be VAT-registered.


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