Directly Going to China or Purchasing Online Instead?

Question from one of our subscribers:

I am thinking of going to China to start importing and start selling online, buying baby stuff and woman’s clothing , would £2000 get me a good amount of stock?
I already import electrical goods from China started getting from Alibaba but now get direct from the supplier. I know it would be cheaper to buy online due to traveling costs but I want to see what I am buying first and heard that I would get things cheaper If i go there ?
any help would be helpful



I personally think that it would be cheaper if you would just purchase the products you want to buy online. Though I am not against going directly to China, I think it’s obvious enough that there are other factors to consider like hotel or lodging costs, airfare, etc. When buying online, just put all your time in researching for stores that have valid reputation already.

But if you are really decided to go to China, just look for the wholesale markets. Though you really have to spend a lot of time to get the best items.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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