Certification Guidance for an Import Business

Certification Guidance for an Import BusinessManufacturers Certification

Manufacturers who want certification for light-duty vehicles, on-highway motorcycles, heavy-duty engines, recreational vehicle or engine–dirt bikes, ATVs, ORUVs, snowmobiles—non-road and marine engines, as well as portable fuel containers, fuel line components and fuel tanks, you will need to review information about EPA’s vehicle and engine compliance information system. In order to Verify to report to EPA, a person seeking manufacturer certification must first register with EPA to access the system.

EPA’s engine and vehicle compliance information system, Verify, collects emissions and fuel economy compliance information for all types of vehicles or mobile sources of air pollution. The Verify information system is made up of two basic sections:

  • Verify’s Public Interface—This consists of web screens and programs that collect and process manufacturer data. The system works through EPA’s Central Data Exchange, which is the agency’s single source for collecting electronic data from local governments and agencies, private industries, state governments, and tribes.
  • EPA-Only Data Base—This obtains and processes the data, makes fee payment confirmation, issues certificates of conformity, and other compliance functions. The access is limited to EPA compliance and enforcement staff.

Verify does the following things:

  • Integrates all EPA engine and vehicle compliance information into one computer system
  • Supports new mobile source air quality regulations, new compliance programs, and new industries
  • Reflects redesigned and streamlined compliance processes
  • Improves stakeholder data access
  • Employs new technologies
  • Simplifies the data management process

The Verify web page has links to basic information about the system. It also has information for you to be able to: establish a Verify account, obtain a manufacturer code, compliance help, publications and related links. Vehicle and engine manufacturers use the Verify system to report the information to EPA.

Independent Commercial Importers (ICI) Certification

An Independent Commercial Importer needs to be issued a current, valid EPA Certificate of Conformity. They cannot be the Original Equipment Manufacturer. They cannot have a contractual agreement with the OEM to be the authorized representative for the distribution of vehicles or engines into the US. An Independent Commercial Importer acts independently of the OEM, but they have to follow the same emission requirements imposed on OEMs by the Clean Air Act. Any person or business that wants to become an ICI should first become knowledgeable of the requirements for ICIs and of Certification. You can find these by going to these two links: 40 CFR Part 85, Subpart P or 40 CFR Part 86. They must have at least one Certificate of Conformity from EPA’s Compliance Division and meet those regulatory requirements. ICIs will also need to follow the instructions for certification on the Verify website.

To begin the process, one must notify EPA by sending a letter of intent sent to:

ICI Team Leader
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Compliance Division
2000 Traverwood Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Alternative Fuel Conversion Certification

These are vehicles or engines that have been modified to run on different types of fuels other than the ones they were designed to run on. Any change to the original configuration, including alternative fuel conversion, is a potential violation of the Clean Air Act section 203(a)(3) prohibition against tampering. This is important because poorly designed modifications can increase emissions. It does not constitute tampering if the modifier properly installs an acceptable conversion system that is either a system that is EPA-certified or a system that has undergone the notification process, and follows the manufacturer’s installation instructions.


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