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Who Else Wants To Join Me and Other Amazon Sellers At The China Import Export Fair!

October 23rd - 27th, 2022 (This includes travel dates)

If you want to meet and negotiate with suppliers, touch and feel their products in person, get lower prices than you ever could sourcing online, and spend an entire week being coached by advanced Amazon sellers and China sourcing experts, you will love this trip.

Only 25 applicants will be accepted. Reserve your spot today!

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Receive a full week of mentoring for sourcing and launching products on Amazon

Amazon sellers and sourcing agents will take you to China to talk to suppliers, learn how to find products no one is selling, negotiate with suppliers, test these products on the Amazon market, and launch them immediately on Amazon.

Master the art of sourcing by speaking to suppliers face to face.
Try out all product ideas you deem best at incredibly low minimum order requirements.
Make lifetime friends, chill out with our coaches, sourcing agents, and Amazon experts for a week.
Enjoy a great learning experience and hours of one-on-one mentoring and training about outsourcing from suppliers and launching on Amazon.
Get ready to source from the biggest factory in the world.
Over 100,000 sellers in the same building, covering 59M square feet.
Perform more strategizing and product research in just one week than you could possibly do in one year.
Get to see, touch, and feel the products before buying them.

What attendees are saying

Canton Fair Tours and Guidance For Amazon Sellers

Sourcing Trip At The Canton Fair

Canton Fair: the biggest trade fair on the planet

Source hardware, gift boxes, kitchen, garden tools, travel gear, baby items, makeup, pet supplies, sex toys, sunglasses, office products, sporting goods, car parts, bedding — you name it.

Meet your Amazon Coach

As you explore the Canton Fair, get ready to actually speak to suppliers, learn tips for negotiating with the manufacturers, and gather tons of product ideas that can move you forward.

Learn how you can apply your learnings to your Amazon venture

All throughout the trip, we'll teach you everything about product research, product idea testing, optimization, conversion, Amazon launching, and more — everything you need to take your store to the next level.

Apply For The Trip

1 productive week of thorough Amazon coaching

Each morning, we'll discuss everything you need to know about Amazon. We will talk about finding, testing, and launching your products on the platform the best way possible.

We will also show you the whole launch plan during our stay in China.

Meet Chinese suppliers & explore products you never knew existed

You'll meet suppliers that aren't on Alibaba. You'll be personally guided on negotiating for the best deals from the most sought-after suppliers.

What you can expect to gain from this trip

Great Connections, Great Friendships

Establish meaningful connections and lifetime friendships with the most seasoned Amazon sellers. Expect to rub shoulders with sourcing agents, Amazon Coaches, E-bay sellers, and all the right people in the industry.

A proven and tested strategy to test products before having to spend a fortune

We'll teach you exactly how to buy smaller product quantities, test them on your Amazon Store, and find out which products fare best. Then you can get ready to create your Amazon private label empire and offer excellent products with little to no competition.

Learn how to negotiate like a pro with Chinese suppliers

The combined knowledge and expertise of sourcing agents, Amazon coaches, and the seasoned Amazon experts who've been in the business for years and decades will give you the support you need to up your game. Learn the ways to negotiate the best prices as well as build the connections you need to make it big.

Establish your action plan to kick start today

This one-week trip isn't just a whole year worth of knowledge. You will also be equipped with the most effective and relevant product ideas & strategies to start building your empire. We'll show you how you can deal with factories and suppliers and how to make the most of your connections to get your prices lower than the competitors.

Thorough training before the trip and solid community after.

Before the trip to China, you'll get 2 hours of expert training plus Q&A session to ensure that you're totally ready for the most productive trip you'll get.

After the trip, you will be part of this lifetime community composed of fellow members and leaders that are willing to collaborate & share ideas with you to lift everyone to the top.

Investment and perks

From your airport arrival to the hotel accommodations to the transportation throughout China, we got you covered. We will be all the support you need to gear all your focus on sourcing & expanding your Amazon business. Just mind the big picture, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Sourcing and logistics services that we cover for you with no extra charge

Pre-trip orientation on how you can get ready for your international trip, health considerations, things to bring, things to know about Chinese culture, and so on.

We cover all transportation costs to and from Pudong International Airport.

We book you at a 4-star Hotel with free daily meal in the huge buffet in the hotel.

We take care of the Visa invitation letter.

The Fee

The total amount it takes to start building your empire strong is only $4,997.

Our students get $1000 discount.

A daily buffet at the designated hotel is part of the package.

We suggest you secure extra cash for snacks and souvenirs and more funds should you intend to start sourcing right away during the trip. Just don’t bring more than $10,000 as that’s customs limit.

It usually takes 5 to 6 years for most Amazon private label sellers to establish connections and gain the extent of education and experience you are about to receive in this gigantic event.

Last year, more than 100 people were applied. Apply now before the only 25 slots run out! This is an opportunity you’ll never regret seizing. This is a big step to the top.


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