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Dear Fellow Importer

From the desk of Peter

Let me ask you a few important questions and please answer honestly…

  • Would you like to import hot products from China but not sure where to start or even what to import?
  • Have you ever wanted to take advantage of the massive profit margins importing from china has to offer?
  • What if you could discover the answer to these questions and also learn my proven strategies to building your own successful import business from scratch?
  • How would you like to know the quickest and easiest way to start importing from china and start selling your imported products within 90 days? (even if you’re a complete beginner at this).

One common question than I’ve been getting over the last few years is “how do import from china and sell these goods for massive profits?” also “where do I sell my goods? online, retail or wholesale?”

Well that’s where I come in! I will reveal to you how to do just that and more and my free seminar ‘Start Importing Now Seminar’!

Iphone 4 Casesiphone 4 case

FOB Price: $0.19 USD (each)

RRP: $29 – $69 USD

Profit Per Unit: $28-$68iphone 4 case

MOQ: 20 Pieces

Material: ABS, plastic abs,pc

Surface: rubber coating

Packing: pp bag.blister paper card

Design: water transfer printed logo: 4c printed

Color: many colors available

Size: for iphone 4s

Certificate: SGS,FDA,Rohs

Weight: 24g

Why You Should Start Importing Now Business Now!
There are many great reasons to import from china, here are just a few!
  • The profit Margins are HUGE! if you could buy products in china for a few dollars and sell them for up to 1000x more for what you paid for it then that’s a profitable business.
  • Chinese products are GREAT quality . Many people think that anything made in china is bad quality and shonky and “will probably break in a month” The opposite is true! Everything from iPads, iPhones, the desk your computer is sitting on and your computer, your lounge, tractors, engine parts even housing infrastructure are all made in china, these products are extremely high quality. These companies importing these products did proper due diligence, did a great job finding quality suppliers and followed a very simple importing system ( I teach these same principles at my seminar)!
  • There is so much opportunity in the import export business! It’s never too late to start importing from China. Every day there are new products, new inventions, new needs and people want products to satisfy these needs!

Now is also the best time to import from china (especially if you are Aussie importer) considering the USD dollar making Australian imports at least 100% cheaper than 7 years ago!

Demand for products is increasing more than ever! Will you be there to satisfy this demand? So act now and take action by registering your place at my seminar.

Ipad 2 Protective CasesIpad 2 Protective Cases

FOB Price:$4 USD (each)

RRP:$25-$79 USD

Profit Per Unit: $21-$75

MOQ: 100 Pieces

Material: Plastic, SILICONE AND PC
Factory can make the surface of the case a painting,carving,electroplating.
Water transfer printing and more.

Ipad 2 Protective CasesCan be removed easily, it’s flexible and durable.

Designs can be customized and also come in different colors and designs.

Packaging Detail: SINGLE OPP POLYBAG; 10PCS/BAG; 500PCS/CTN;

Carton Size: 55*48*48 ; ABOUT 60G FOR ONE PIECE .

Discover The Hottest Products To Import
From China and How To Sell Those Products
Would you like to know how to search for and locate HOT products that customers are willing to buy from you?

There’s no point importing products from China at great prices only to discover no one wants them! So I will show you a few ways to find hot products as well as my unique strategies to selling those products.

Here are a few strategies and techniques you will discover at my Start Importing Now Seminar:
  • 7 ways to find out whether a supplier is a scammer
  • Specific email templates to email the factory to start negotiating
  • My secret negotiation techniques for getting the factory to lower its quote (in many cases even below factory cost)
  • The best ways to sell goods offline using direct mail, advertising and more
  • The easiest way of selling your goods online (without owning a website)
  • How to locate QUALITY factories in China and Hong Kong that provide high quality products
  • What to do if you’re container is HALF full and how to ship less than container loads
  • A “sneaky” trick to getting FREE samples from Chinese factories
  • Much more!
Portable Electric ScootersFOB Price: $140 USD

RRP: $622.70

Profit Per Unit: $482.70

MOQ: 30 Units

CE electric scooter 500/800W for adult

  1. Motor power 500W/800W.
  2. 36V,12Ah lead-acid batteries.
    Charging Time: 6-8h
Iphone Retro Handset Anti-Radiationpop phone

FOB Price: $.40 USD (each)

RRP: $39 – $49

Profit Per Unit: $38 – $48

MOQ: 50 Pieces

OEM Avaliable (They can imprint your brand)

retro handset blackConnectors: 3.5mm

Function: Waterproof, Noise Cancelling

Material: plastic

Color: Various

Certificates: CE,Rhos

Devices: Mobile phones,Tablet, PC

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The Latest Strategies To Importing From China
& Selling Your Products Made Easy…
You may be concerned that importing from China and learning how to sell your goods online and offline will be difficult to learn and implement. Well, you’ll be excited to know….

I’ll make it Easy as 1.2.3 for you…

I know you’re a busy person with perhaps a full time job or with limited time to spend learning new technology, terminology. You may even find learning about importing from China confusing and even overwhelming.


That’s why at my new event, the “Start Importing Now Seminar”, I’ll guide you through the strategies with…

“Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and DONE” instructions.

This means you can get back to your office or home the following day and start implimenting my strategies ASAP.

You may even implement them right away in the seminar itself.

You can attend the “Start Importing Now Seminar” for FREE (Value $197)… I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through all these tips.

But first you may be wondering…

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?
Family Dinners with my 5 children is a weekly eventPlease let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Peter. I have five beautiful Children (4 daughters, and a boy Hugo) and most of my business life I have worked from magnificent properties, high up on a mountain overlooking the Gold Coast or near the beach in sunny Queensland. I like to work from home, And …

In the 19 years I have been doing this, I learnt something very valuable . . . If you want to be successful in business . . . it doesn’t matter what degrees you have. How old you are or what ethnic background you posses. It matters not if you are a man or a woman. Tall or short. Good looking or downright ugly. In business the only thing that matters is simply this . . .

Making profit from garageCan you get a RESULT or not? Can you get customers or not?

You see, most people in business just want to make enough so that they can go and sail that boat. Hang out with their kids. Travel first class. Drive a nice new car. Live in a dream home. Go surfing, fishing, play golf, save the whales or whatever.

That’s why I created a totally logical, proven and yet incredibly simple system for importing products from China and selling them either online, offline, wholesale and many more!

Despite the fact that I now often spend more time at the beach than at the office, my business is structured so that it runs without me. I teach this and more at my ‘Start Importing Now Seminar’.

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Remote Electric Skateboard

FOB Price:$200-$250

RRP:$499- $699

Profit Per Unit: $449 +

MOQ: 30 Units

remote control electric skateboardSpecifications:

  1. Battery capacity: 2 x 5Ah, 24V
  2. Motor power: 150W
  3. Charging time: 3 – 6hrs
  4. Speed: =10km/h
  5. Range: =10km
  6. Starter: wireless digital remote control-E
  7. Battery input voltage: 90 – 250V
  8. Max. load capacity: 65kg
I’ve also been featured in Asian business review, triple m, GQ magazine, gold coast bulletin and many more.
Featured in
What I’m Most Proud Of ….
Going to lunch at Doyfes Watsons Bay Sydney with my son HugoOkay I’ve been in the media and lived a very successful life but what I’m most proud of is the freedom and time it has given me to spend more time with my family and kids. I have 5 kids who I love watching grow up and spending time with and working for yourself and starting an import export business will allow you more time with our family and doing the things you love!

It has enabled me to travel overseas whenever I want, spend more time surfing and enjoying my life. Working for yourself and starting your own importing business

Over the years, I have been on lots of other trips and experiences.

The business had allowed me to buy good quality cars, to move into that 140+ square home on 11 acres overlooking the Gold Coast. Complete with 6 rooms for offices, full size billiard table, a spa, sauna, pool, fruit orchard . . . and a tennis court. It has also enabled me to take my family on holidays – all while working less than I have at anytime before.

The Orphanage BBI started and fully financed for several years in ThailandI now have the time to surf and walk along the beach in the mornings, to keep fit, (staying healthy is a big priority for me) eat well and enjoy everything this sunny part of Queensland has to offer…and, if you follow “the recipe for success” as a importer then you can live the same lifestyle.

Helping Paulo an IT graduate speaking 6 languages now homeless for 6 hears in LondonBut that’s not all. The thing I value most about being in this business is that it has given me the opportunity to contribute to others. To make a difference in the world. To touch those whose lives are not as fortunate as mine. And this business gives me the time and resources to make this a reality.

At present, I contribute to kids in World Vision, and I fully supported an orphanage with over 25 children for two years, volunteered to help build a local School and have several other charities that I actively support and promote.

I have also authored a book and a DVD called “47 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Face.” It inspires others to live a more happy, peaceful and compassionate life.

Look, I know your dreams for the future may be different to mine, however no matter what your dreams are, no matter what the purpose of your life is, this business could allow you to turn them into reality.

Horse SaddlesHorse Saddles

FOB Price:$69


Profit Per Unit: $621 +

MOQ: 6 Units

Western saddle, fiber glass tree, leather covered stirrups, nylon cord girth and back leather girth, engraved by hand on full saddle, leather softy seat

Who Should Come To This Seminar?
If you’re tired of the rat race and working for someone else and want to take charge of your financial destiny then you must be at this seminar.

If you’re a business owner wanting to save on product costs and the avoid the massive mark-ups wholesalers in Australia are slogging Aussie retailers. (if you only knew what they were paying for it!)

If you’re looking to start your own import business from scratch and have been interested in importing from china for awhile but not sure where to start or even what to import!…

If this describes you then you should be at my seminar!

Event Dates and Venue Information
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“50% increase in business is just the beginning… “Since purchasing Peter’s products and following his strategies, we have increased our newsletter subscribers, paying members, and affiliates by more than 50%! We’ve seen amazing results already — and we’ve only just started to implement his teachings! I STRONGLY recommend Peter’s products and services to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business!”

James Hatfield

“Peter, the wealth of information you provide is incredibly well presented and super-easy to follow. The case histories and examples are a great help in the understanding and application of the principles; and In a nutshell Words cannot thank you enough for the outstanding information you provide. God Bless You Peter,”

kindest regards, Alan Mclean

“Peter, Thank you for your regular newsletters via email, they are packed with great tips & inspirational stories of success, I really appreciate them ! I have used your ideas to help set up a business plan , goals for the local Football club I’m involved with – www.wangrovers.com”;

Justin Kelly

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.Not because of the prestige that it would give me, but because when I was at University a fellow student gave a presentation on “entrepreneurs” in which he said “entrepreneur’s think differently”. He was right, they do because the people I have meet in my life proves that the business people of today make some very fundamental mistakes. The knowledge gained from Peter makes me think like an entrepreneur and not like the business people that I meet.”

Rolf Pfotenhauer

Bonus EBOOK ‘7 Steps To Importing From China’
To The First 30 People To Register
7 steps to importing from chinaIf you’re quick to act then I’ll be giving away my eBook ‘7 Steps To Importing From China’ valued at $97 absolutely free to the first 30 people to register for the seminar.

This is a quick start introduction to importing from china that every importer needs to read! It explains some of the more complicated importing terms and methods as well as gives you a great starting point on what to do RIGHT NOW … no matter what your experience with importing. This will be emailed to you after you have registered.

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“I would just like to recommend Peter’s book and marketing seminar. Prior to meeting Peter I had been working in my >business 70+ hours a week and not really making it any closer to my goals. He has shown me that I should be expecting real and immediate results from my marketing instead of simply sitting back and waiting for things to happen. This change in thinking has been a real ‘eureka moment’ for me.”

Brett Geoghegan

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Dee Pabari

“Hi Peter,
I have found your books and materials packed with ideas and am impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for helping businesses to grow”

John Highland