An Easy Way to Start an Import Business from Home

An Easy Way to Start an Import Business from HomeWhen you’re managing a business between you and your cross-border customers like importing goods, it requires legal agreements. You will be transporting goods outside the country. This requires you to have ironclad agreements in place. These agreements are necessary to enforce and protect your interests. Having a good attorney, particularly one who understands your business, is important. You can hire an attorney specializing in this area to help draft you and prepare your contracts. If funds are limited and your budget is small, however, there are online services, software, and government agencies that provide with preparing contracts suitable for your import business. You will need a lot of documentation when importing. This includes pre-shipment documents, financial and commercial trade documents and customs documents.

To begin your import business, there are a few steps you should follow:

  1. Find a software program that is specifically tailored for the import and export business. You can find one such program on the Export Internet Trade Systems, Inc.’s (EXITS) website, documentsforexports.com. There you can obtain information regarding its Global Wizard software application.
  2. Once you have the software, you’ll want to review the list of documents specific for your needs and the product your company is importing. When you find the list of documentation required, you’ll simply have to click on the title to see a sample of the documentation.
  3. On some software programs (Global Wizard has one) there will be a demo video link on the homepage. This will give you a visual presentation regarding the software’s capability and services.
  4. If you’re planning on starting a business with a very low shipment volume, the start-up cost will be around $900.
  5. Once you have purchased and downloaded the proper software and it’s installed on your computer, open the program. Look through the document section to find the contract suitable for your needs. There should be a template for each type of document. You’ll want to customize the contract by adding your logo to the template. You’ll also want to edit the document to include your company name, the counterparty to the contract, and other important details involving your importing transaction.

Practically every type of documentation is found on these types of software. If unable to find the document you need that is suitable for your specific circumstances, you may also log onto the International Chamber of Commerce’s website. You can find it at www.iccwbo.org. On this site, you will be allowed to negotiate and sign international contracts online. If you are still unable to find what you need, the United States Department of Commerce offers assistance to small businesses who want to conduct business overseas. Simply visit the U.S. Department of Commerce website. There you can obtain information regarding its small business services. These services include assistance with overseas expansion. The documentation is important in the import business, but there is plenty of help available to help you begin your business from home with very little money!


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