Amazon Competitors?

Question from one of our subscribers:

there is popular seller on amazon.and there is strange thing happening.somehow we happen to be selling same kind of items on amazon.as i personally never copy a product that an other seller is selling to keep it fair for everyone.but a strange thing is happening there were 2 items that i untentionally matched with this seller as i also had them and i listed my product under his listing as you cannot create separate listing for same product and my items are also low price than him.as he being a well established seller has now built a brand out of himself so he can sell expensive.but i have to take normal profit to keep the demand of my items..and now this is the 3rd item that i would be listing under his item now.i choose my products myself based on how good i feel about them according to selling perspective.
I am not trying to compete with him but somehow this is happening 3rd time.and i also feel a little bad about it.but on the other hand i find myself fair too.
What would you guys say about this situation.



I think in every sales platform, there will always be competition, may it be intentional or not. It all depends on how you market your product more or how you do your listings. Consumers welcome competitions.

Good luck!


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