Alibaba: Problem in Bank Transfer?

Question from one of our subscribers:

I’ve been buying on Alibaba for a bit now and mostly use Pay-Pal to pay for orders, but one company that has items i’m interested in says they’ll only accept Western Union/Bank transfers:

Cause we use the Personal Account to collect payment,if the postscript wirte as:Sample,Invoice,Contract,etc.we could have a problem to exchange USD to RMB. So thepostscriptof the bank slip pls kindly write such as:Business Travel Expense,Living Expense,Medical Expense.etc.Thank you.

which struck me as suspicious, should I steer clear?

the company is a 2 year verified Gold supplier and has had legal status confirmed and onsite checks according to Alibaba, but i’m still uncertain.



Well, I think, it is quite normal for WU payments to be a personal account, however I would only use this for a small amount on a well-researched supplier, yet I would never pay bank transfer to an individual nor would I advise others to, especially when asking to lie about the purpose of payment. I would steer clear and keep on looking if I was in your shoes.

All the best!


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