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Question from one of our subscribers:

This is my first time importing to the UK. ill be importing wind pianos also known as melodica.
They are classed as reed wind instruments. 200pcs 300kg

what are the papers i need to import?

do i need to register a company prior import?

do i need to register for VAT?

Thank you for your time,


Hello Jimmy!

According to the UK government site:

There should be a clear written contract between buyer and seller, including details of exactly where goods will be delivered
Specific documents may be needed to get the goods through customs and to work out the right duty and tax charges. There may be requirements both for the country the goods are being exported from and the country they are being imported into
Documentation is needed to cover the transport of the goods and insurance during the journey
The right paperwork can be an important part of the payment mechanism


If your business is recognizing sending out or importing products, you will need to check if you require a permit.

There are controls on fares of military or paramilitary products, engineering, craftsmanship, prescriptions and chemicals. Permit prerequisites may rely on upon the potential utilization of the thing – in the event that it has a military requisition (normally alluded to as double utilize products) and where you are trading to.

You may need to register to VAT if your sales are over £81,000 throughout the previous 12 months, else you may have the capacity to enlist voluntarily.

Good luck!


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