How to Find Quality Clothing Manufacturers in China


Solid manufacturing is necessary before you can begin promoting and selling your product. You want to be sure the buyer gets what they pay for. You also need to know cost of production before you can know what to sell it for. Here are a few steps you should follow when looking for quality clothing manufacturers in China:

Know what you’re making – Before you look for a manufacturer, you need to know where to look. Only bother researching those manufacturers that specialize in your type of item.


Finding a Good Supplier to Import from China


If you want to start a business, there is no better way than to import from China. To do that, however, it is imperative that you find a good supplier. To do that, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make a list of Chinese suppliers – Look for those who can provide you with your product. Some good places to start include:
    • Made-in-China.com – This is a directory of Chinese suppliers It will give you product listings, complete company information, contact details, information on the company’s culture, and factory photo tours.


Are China Imports your Key to Success?


If you’ve been thinking of a way to make money and even struggled with failed businesses in the past, maybe your key to success is China imports. You may have grown up thinking of China as a far-away place, but with today’s technology, it’s only a few clicks away.

China is the fourth largest country in the world and has one fifth of the world’s population. China has been thought of as “the factory of the world.” It’s hard to find anything that has not had at least part of it produced in China. China has a leading position in the world’s economy, and you should take advantages of the opportunities China imports can bring.


Advantages of an Import Export Course


With the growing interest in international trade, many people are making the leap into operating their own business. If you’re thinking about getting into the import/export trade but know little or nothing about it, you can take an import/export course to prepare you. There are a great number of courses available. You will want to look for one that is designed by professionals and one who knows the ins and outs of the international trade business.

There are many advantages to taking any online course. These include:



Question from one of our subscribers:


Was wondering what you lovely people thought what I should do with my 40k. I currently have no debts/ loans. I do however want to invest some money as I think it would definitely generate more of a return than a savings act .

I work full time and really don’t want this money for the next 2-3 years,

Could you please get me some ideas really willing to invest in online business etc

Please suggest.




How to Authenticate Wholesalers

Question from one of our subscribers:


Beware and be patient – Newbie!

With my small little business, I’ve been able to source stock from a few local suppliers and do fairly well with it. I’ll try to continue with it but as I cannot guarantee a contract of stock, it is vulnerable to ups and downs of availability. So my next step, develop new stock ideas and of course source the stock!


Getting Buyers as Manufacturers

Question from one of our subscribers:

Hi everyone

We are direct textile/garment manufacturers and have been in the business for over 20 years.

Was just wondering if all you can share their ideas on how to approach buyers and how to market yourself as a manufacturer?

We have studied the market for selling unbranded hoodies to big wholesalers who further then add there own labels on the garment. We will be selling them at an extremely competitive price at around 4 pounds considering this will be brand new stock shipped to your door.


Importing Fees

Question from one of our subscribers:

Item was sold via eBay, buyer had admitted to wearing the item for 14 days before opening an eBay dispite saying the item was defective. They provided doctored pictures to eBay, eBay allowed them to return it, etc..

My problem:
The buyer is from the US they did not mark the item as returned goods. Also the value was £120 they marked the value as $1500! And Parcelforce are trying to tax accordingly.


FOB Pricing

Question from one of our subscribers:

Please suggest what is FOB price in import export?



It’s essentially where the merchant is capable up to the agreed port, at which point the purchaser assumes liability for both transportation expenses and protection if needed.


Multi-channel Software

Question from one of our subscribers:

I’m currently looking for multi channel software which can do the following across a website, ebay, and amazon:

* Stock syncing – coordinating my inventory across all of my channels, so that when a product sells on one channel, all other channels are updated to show the change in available stock level.
* Listing – when I list a new product, I only enter the information once and then sync it to all channels.
* Stock control management – a record of total stock levels, product skus and barcodes for each product.


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